Friday, December 23, 2016

Song Of The Day Vince Guaraldi "Christmas Time Is Here"

It's not Christmas until I hear this song!

Probably my dad's favorite Christmas album.  This song invokes so many memories it's not even funny.  We used to get so excited around the holidays because that meant we could stay up just a liiiiitle bit longer to watch the cartoons that came on at night.
Mom would make popcorn and we would be glued to the TV and waiting for the intro:

To this day I can remember with great clarity the word "special" as it made that spiral before the cartoon would come on.  When we saw that - it was all systems go!

The song itself is a masterpiece.  It's so's just perfect.

As a side note - when I was taking piano lessons before the kids came along this is one of the songs that I learned, well about 80% of it.

A special song for a special time of year.


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