Thursday, January 5, 2017

Song Of The Day Moot Booxle "Rock With You"

I'm always a sucker for that robotic voice heard in music that we all know.  Sometimes it's a vocoder, and sometimes it's a talkbox.

When I want great talkbox - I look to few a people.  One of them in particular happens to be my friend, Matt Baxley, AKA Moot Booxle (Pronounced Boox Lee - Like Bruce Lee)

In today's Song Of The Day, Moot gets down with an absolute wicked cover of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" from Off The Wall.

The song was actually written by an English songwriter (And one of the funkiest white men to ever walk the earth) named Rod Temperton.  You may know Temperton from a few other minor hits he wrote: "Thriller" & Boogie Nights"...they weren't huge hits, but I bet you would know them if you heard them : )

Anyway, out all of the talkboxers out there, Pee Thugg and Booxle are probably my favorites.  Moot has a really great Christmas album that's super funky that I listen to even when it's NOT Christmas, because I love his talkboxing on it.

This won't be the last SOTD from Booxle, so stay tuned for more from this funk machine (and check out his other work HERE)


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