Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Cactus Blossoms Live Review

Let me start out by saying - I'm not the worlds biggest county fan.  In fact I went to Nashville barely a year ago and when I walked up and down the strip and heard that twangy country music coming out of every boot shop and bar - I didn't care for it.  It all sounded the same to me.  To be fair, I do like some country though.  Anything that is somewhat related to rock, pop, rockabilly, etc. that works for me.

With that being said - I have a total man-crush on The Cactus Blossoms.  HOLY F - are they good.  So good, they brought me over to the dark side that night and I actually enjoyed old time country for about 12 songs (Even bought their live CD after the show)!

Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets Live Review

Nick Lowe and Los Straitjackets came through Charlotte the night before Brian Setzer's Christmas Rocks! show - so I was treated to TWO nights in a row of Christmas awesomeness!

I'm a big powerpop fan, so having the opportunity to catch Lowe was big on my list of to-dos.  

With the addition of Los Straitjackets - that was just icing on the cake.  

Make that a Christmas show AND you get to hear "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" and a surf version of "Linus and Lucy" - sprinkles on the icing!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Low Volts Live - Pictures

Tim Lowman A.K.A. the Low Volts, was the supporting act for the Christmas Rocks! show last Friday when it rolled through Charlotte.
Being a one man band - I was impressed with how he was able to capture the attention of a 2400 seat theater.

Brian Setzer Orchestra Live Review

Brian Setzer and his orchestra made a stop in Charlotte a couple of nights ago and I finally had a chance to see him do his big band show after a number of years.

I've been to my fair share of concerts.  I mostly go see acts that I dig, with the occasional show of an artist I'm not familiar with.  Some shows are OK, some are good, (some opening acts are horribly bad) and some shows are great.  

Then there's the show where I leave with a crater between my shoulders because the show absolutely blew me away.

The Setzer concert falls unequivocally into the last category.  

What. A. Concert.