Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Citizen Cope Charlotte Live Review And Photos

The people of Charlotte showed up in droves to PACK the Neighborhood Theater the other night for a solo acoustic performance by Citizen Cope.

I hadn't seen Cope before, but I dig G Love, Martin Sexton and other soulful, folksy, bluesy, funky artists - so I knew this was a concert that I would definitely want to check out.

I'm familiar with Cope's work - in fact, if you think you haven't heard of Citizen Cope I'd be willing to bet you have.  His music has been featured in Soundtracks such as Coach Carter and Accepted as well as numerous TV Shows.

If you're not a movie person or just don't watch that much TV, well then head right on over to his website and hit play on the SoundCloud widget that's embedded in there.  I guarantee in an instant you'll be drawn to his honest performance in "One Lovely Day".

Anyway - to see him live was a true pleasure.  He played everything you'd want to hear.  If you're a longtime reader you know that I speak ad nauseam about my true test of any great performer being the ability to capture a crowd with only their voice or their voice and a guitar/piano.

Cope, while not as animated as a G Love or a Sexton, still owned the crowd and had them in his hand from the first note.

All in all it was a great performance and I'm glad that I was able to catch him in, especially in this solo acoustic listening performance setting.

If you're into folk, blues, soul, or hip hop that's chock-full of meaningful lyrics (Or a combination thereof) - I highly recommend this show if it comes near you.  It's fairly low key, but a great evening that any concertgoer would enjoy - even if you've never heard his music.

Below you'll find some pictures that I was able to capture during the show.  

Since it was a seated show in front (for the few that snagged those seats) I was limited to the left and right corners of the stage.  House rules were that I wasn't allowed to get in front of any of the people sitting down - which explains the limited angles I was able to get.  I managed to get some good shots though, and I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

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