Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Song Of The Day Alison Moyet "Cry Me A River"

Looks like this week is going to end up being a synth pop week for Song Of The Day!

Todays song isn't exactly synth pop, but it's sung by (IMHO) one of the queens of synth pop, Alison Moyet.

I love, love love her work with Yazoo - but I would bet the average person wouldn't realize how versatile she is.

Today's Song Of The Day is a perfect example.  I already love "Cry Me A River", but add her brilliant voice to the mix and it's just amazing.  She's so passionate and so bluesy - just AH-MAZ-ING.

I'd give anything to see her in concert...but it'd have to be twice - once doing Yazoo stuff AND once doing this loungey stuff (check out the other YouTube videos) it's just fantastic.  

[Ya hear that Miss Alison...how about a tour to the South East United States : )]

Anyway - check her out, she's a wicked singer whether she's doing the synth pop thing OR the lounge thing - it's worth the time!


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