Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Particle Charlotte NC Rabbit Hole Photos

The kings of funktronica/space porn (Or Particle as they're known to the masses) rolled through Charlotte recently and yours truly was there to capture the magic.

When Particle comes to Charlotte, they usually play either the Neighborhood Theatre or the Visulite Theatre.  This time around they hit a new spot, The Rabbit Hole.

Not only was it a new spot for the band - but it was my first experience at this club as well.  I have to say, it's a great little club.  The area it's in is on the up and up and the inside makes for an enjoyable concert experience.

Particle has been retooled with a new drummer, Kito Bovenschulte, and new guitarist, Mike Daum.  Molitz has a knack for putting together a band and this lineup plays very well together.

The highlight for me was a song from the new album (Chinese Democracy II??) that is as good as anything they've ever put out.  The riff is killer, the vocoder rocks, and it just sticks in your head.  Particle fans should be stoked to get a studio version of the new tune.

Yes, I'm a little biased because I've been following Particle since 2004.  But - if you're into jamtronica/funktronica, jam bands synthesizers, or just watching talented people work their magic on stage, it's highly recommended that you check out a Particle show near you.

Here's some photos of the show for you to enjoy.

Steve Molitz

Kito Bovenschulte

  Clay Parnell


Mike Daum

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