Thursday, December 10, 2015

Low Volts Live - Pictures

Tim Lowman A.K.A. the Low Volts, was the supporting act for the Christmas Rocks! show last Friday when it rolled through Charlotte.
Being a one man band - I was impressed with how he was able to capture the attention of a 2400 seat theater.

Lowman's brand of rockabilly/blues/slide was a good compliment to the Setzer show and people really enjoyed his set.  As lame as the crowd was that night (Sat on their bums the whole night) - he managed to get some good response after his songs and after the set ended.  He was funny, engaging, and at times rocked out pretty good.  For my tastes, he was at his best behind the drum with the Gretsch in his hand really rockin' out.

As a warm-up act, he did his job very, very well.  He engaged the crowd, primed the pump - and they were more than ready for Setzer when the time came.  You can't ask for anything more than that from an opening act - especially if they may be unknown to some folks (including myself).

I'd definitely check him out if he were to come through these parts on a solo gig.

Here are some pictures from his set.  The light was not as good as it was for the main show, but I managed to get a few nice shots of Tim.

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