Friday, November 13, 2015

Grace Potter Live Review Charlotte NC

Grace Potter came to the Fillmore in Charlotte last week and absolutely killed it.  

The only performances of Potter's that I had seen prior to the concert were on YouTube (With one of the best performances being "Paris" on the Late Show With David Letterman - see link below).  

Needless to say I was looking forward to seeing what she and her band could live.

Potter was on fire from the start.  She started the show off with "Hot To The Touch" dancing all over the stage as she rocked the opening track of her new album Midnight.  The crowd was sucked in instantly and a buzz of electricity was present through the whole show.  

Honestly, if I had to describe this show with only one word it would be energy.  Potter was like the Energizer bunny and just wouldn't quit all night.  I found myself thinking the next few days how incredible it is for her to do that night after night after night.  From my perspective, as a member of the crowd, it felt like she left everything out there that night and I have to say - it was much appreciated by myself and everyone around me.

One of the things that is very hard to appreciate from a YouTube video is how amazing Potter's voice is.  She can really kill it on the mic.  And what I really dug about her vocal performance was that she could deliver without the whole band behind her - which was even more impressive.  

For example, things got intimate about midway through the show when everyone left the stage except Benny (Yurco) and Grace.  The two of them performed "Low Road" and Potter just poured her soul into the performance.  I was extremely impressed with her vocal chops and the amount of emotion she was able to project.  It really showcased what a great singer she is.  I don't care if you're doing coffee shops or stadiums - if there's just a guitar and one person's vocals - you better be damn good to keep everyone's attention.  There are people out there that can do this extremely well (ex. Martin Sexton), but it takes a special talent in the art of performance to pull it off - and Potter did it with flying colors.

After that, Benny exited and she grabbed one of her signature Flying Vs and knocked out "Nothing But The Water" with only the drummer backing her up.  Again, it really showcased her performance chops showing she could still control the house with just a raunchy guitar tone, a drummer, and her killer (soulful) vocal chops.  I felt like I was at a White Stripes concert in Detroit or something!  It was unexpected, but welcomed with open arms.  

All in all it was a fantastic show.  She played a bunch of Nocturnals stuff ("Turntable, "The Lion, The Beast, The Beat", etc.) so for those of you who dig her older stuff more than the new stuff - there is still plenty of that material in the show.  I will be honest and say that I missed Scott's playing on a few of the Nocturnals tracks especially "Paris".  While Benny ripped it up pretty good on that song - it just wasn't quite the same as when I've seen Scott on was just missing a little something.  Again, not bagging on Benny - it was just a little different and after listening I prefer Scott's solos on that song.  To be fair - Benny did have a string out during that solo - so maybe it would have been a little different if he had all his strings to work with.  

I would have also liked to see Matt play on the kit.  Every video I've seen of that guy drumming - he's got a smile a mile wide while he's playing.  It's just fun to watch someone really enjoy what they do so much.

Bottom Line

It's definitely a show that can be filed under the "Even If You're Not A Fan, Go To This Concert" tab.  Seriously - just like I said about Chromeo - go to the show because you'll be entertained...even if you don't know any of her songs.  It's one of those shows where if you saw her for the first time - you'd want to go pick up all of her albums after the show.  

If she's in town and you don't have prior plans - pick up a ticket and go to this concert, you won't regret it.  I think tickets were $25/$30 for this venue - but you'll leave very you received great value for what you spent.  A banging show for an affordable price.  

I always felt like Grace Potter was talented, but had no idea what a great performer she was until this show.  I highly recommend this show if you're into great performances.


This was a fun show to shoot - right up there with St. Vincent - because Potter is such a great performer.  She puts 1000% into her performance, whipping her hair about, giving great guitar faces, and jumping all over the place.  I managed to get a few keepers.

Enjoy some pictures below:

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