Sunday, October 18, 2015

Particle Visulite Theatre 10/9/2015 Review

Particle rolled through Charlotte with their Accelerator Tour a while back and I had a chance to check it out.  (Who am I kidding, I generally never miss these guys when they come to town)  

I'll save everyone the duplicate review - you can check out what I wrote earlier this year HERE.  BUT, what I will say is that they played a few new tunes from from their up coming release and they sounded GREAT.  After hearing the new songs, I have to say I'm really looking forward to the mythical new album that's been in development for quite some time (Maybe Smile would be a great name for it??? :) ).  The new songs have that Particle "groove" and if the rest of the material is anything like these songs,  it will be like they never missed a beat from Launchpad.  Very exciting.  Hopefully we'll see some older songs on the new records as well... *cough* Simulator *cough*, *cough* Loose Caboose *cough*, *cough* King Hassan *cough*.  Phew sorry about that, I had a coughing fit.

One quick anecdote for folks into Electronica/EDM/Jamtronica/Etc. who haven't seen Particle.  I ran into a guy that that worked down the block from the Visulite.  He came to the show after reading the flyer outside describing Particle.  On blind faith he showed up to see what they were all about because he loved this type of music.  Long story short, I struck up a conversation with him and painted a nice picture of the platter Particle was serving up.

Fast forward to the show and while I'm taking pictures I get a tap on the shoulder.  He motions me over and all I hear in my ear was, "You were right".

Bottom line - if you dig this type of music, you really should check out Particle.  I'm not into "Jam Bands", in fact I'd probably fall asleep at a Dead concert.  But these guys keep it interesting and the synth element really keeps it fresh.  The band is tight and they lay down a great groove - not a soul sits still at their shows.

Enjoy some photos from the show!!

Steve Molitz

Ben Combe

Clay Parnell

Allen Aucoin

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