Wednesday, April 13, 2016

G Love Love Saves The Day Tour Review and Photos

G Love & Special Sauce stopped by Charlotte bringing their brand of dirty blues to the Queen City in support of their latest album, Love Saves The Day a little over a week ago.

I caught last year's tour supporting Sugar so I was looking forward to this show when it came up on the radar.

As always, Dutton and company were fantastic.  After playing together for 20 plus years, I'm sure they could get up there and play in their sleep and still be tight as hell...however it's still impressive to go to a show and hear a group of guys on stage perform so well together.  

All three of them can throw down on their respective instruments so watching the show is a treat for any music lover.  Clemens is such a great blues drummer and Prescott's funky upright playing complements Dutton's raunchy style so well - the combination just works.

As I mentioned in the last review, Dutton is a master performer.  He really commands the stage and has that magical something that not everyone has.  It's hard to explain, but it's that little bit of magic that the guy playing on YouTube, or coffee shops, or even a mediocre performer who will always be an opening act just doesn't have.  It's the reason he can grab your attention and keep it all night.  

Even when he's on the stage by himself with an acoustic guitar, you want to watch him.  To me, that's always the litmus test for a performer.  When it's just them and either their voice and/or a guitar or piano - that's when you get a gauge for how good they really are.  Again, Dutton is right up there with the best of them.  Like his music or not, he gives a hell of a show with his compadres.  I can ALWAYS recommend his show to blues folks without hesitation.

Last year G Love & Special Sauce played at the Fillmore, but this year they played at the venue that is my archenemy: The Visulite Theatre.  This place has always been difficult to shoot because of A.) Poor lighting (always Pink and Blue) and B.) A big white curtain the sits behind the artist that messes with my images!

To my surprise and delight, I actually got some good light at this place that night - so perhaps we can start being friends.  

The only drawback was that there wasn't a barrier between the crowd and the stage - so I was stuck in one spot between G Love and Jimi Jazz.  I'm really happy with the way the pictures turned out, I hope I captured some of the magic that night for you all.



G Love

Jim "Jimi Jazz" Prescott

Jeffrey "Houseman" Clemens

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